Application Accessories

Global Adhesives



These application accessories are available to make dispensing of the adhesives and treatments easier.  The dispensing bottles are made of low density plastic for an easy squeeze application of the adhesives.  There are two kinds of needles (Stainless Steel & Plastic) that lock into the luer lock caps on a few of our bottles.

Bottles, Yorkers, Brushes and Needles

  GA Cat.# Description Size
A BTL-LR Round Bottle w/ Luer Lock 4oz.
B BTL-4L Oval Bottle w/ Luer Lock Cap 4oz.
C BTL-1L Oval Bottle w/ Luer Lock Cap 1oz.
D BTL-1C Bottle w/ Yorker Cap 1oz.
E BTL-2 Bottle w/ Yorker Cap 2oz.
F BTL-2CA Instant Adhesive Bottle w/ Extended Tip 2oz.
G NDL4-14 4" Stainless Steel Needle w/ Luer Connector 14 Gauge
H NDL2-14 2" Stainless Steel Needle w/ Luer Connector 14 Gauge
I NDL-16 1-1/4" Plastic Needle w/ Luer Connector 16 Gauge
J Brush-6 Tin Application Brush 6 Inch
K BTL-8CH Chemical Resistant Bottle w/ Yorker Cap 8oz.
L Cap-2 Replacement Cap for #BTL-2CA 2oz.
N BTL-16-C LDPE Bottle w/ Yorker Cap 16oz.
O BTL-2A LDPE Bottle w/ Attached Yorker Cap 2oz.